a smart solar solution for UK education – advanced safety and more energy

Installing a SolarEdge solar system lowers the carbon footprint, and significantly reduces energy costs for schools, colleges, and universities. A solar installation also presents the opportunity to educate students about the many benefits of sustainable technologies, encouraging them to embrace a greener future.

In the current climate, it is critical that many educational facilities need to find a solution to the ever-rising energy costs. However, it would be easy to forget that these solutions also need to adhere to stringent safety protocols and provide a significant level of predictability and understandable return on investment.

Given the level of energy demand in educational facilities, a system designed to maximise the self-consumption of solar generation presents an attractive return on investment. However, proposed traditional systems may not be able to provide the level of security and safety provided by a SolarEdge system.


SolarEdge provides advanced safety features:

  • With a traditional inverter, PV wires are energised with high DC voltages. With SolarEdge, whenever AC power is turned off, DC wires are designed to automatically de-energise to a safe level, protecting installers, maintenance personnel, firefighters, and property. 
  • Firefighter Gateway – provides a centralised safety management solution that helps satisfy insurance requirements and supports emergency services. 
    When installed, firefighters can immediately stop production of a SolarEdge PV system, either manually through an emergency stop button or automatically through a fire-alarm control panel system.
  • Compliant with the most advanced industry safety regulations.


SolarEdge provides full visibility of system performance:

  • In a traditional solar system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Inherent and environmental differences amongst panels in a system result in power losses. With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels in a string. With SolarEdge, each panel is monitored individually and produces the maximum energy on an individual basis, in turn significantly reducing power losses.
  • Panel issues are pinpointed to single panels on a virtual array map for quick and easy resolution. 
  • The free mobile application allows you to monitor PV system performance in real time, anywhere.
  • Remote access can allow maintenance personnel to identify issues before attending the site to minimise interruption and visits.

SolarEdge provides an opportunity for education:

  • PV system production data is accessible to teachers, pupils, and school visitors. We can install a tv monitor to display this information in real-time, or even create your own energy hub. 
  • You can actively compare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data to past performance and historical weather conditions, analysing the impact on solar generation. 
  • Environmental benefits are represented as truckloads of CO2 emissions saved, the equivalent number of trees planted, and light bulbs powered. This allows students to interpret the data as real-world examples and gives a greater understanding of the benefits.


We’re actively seeing an increase in requirements for these installations in educational establishments. We have the experience and knowledge to provide an installation that not only provides savings benefits, but also the peace of mind that the installation adheres to stringent safety standards. At the same time, our team are on hand to actively guide you through our proposal with absolute clarity on expectations and financial details.

If you’d like to know more about an installation for your school or college, our team can help with a design and installation proposal tailored to your requirements. Contact our team at info@thegsg.co.uk or call 01254 786 071 for more information.


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