choosing sustainability for the long-term

Sustainable technologies are critically important to the survival of UK business operation, we're here to make that transition as easy as possible.

We truly believe that for UK businesses to survive, mass adoption of sustainable technology has to occur.

We want the cost savings and eco benefits of renewables to be accessible for all businesses, and we’re here to take the stress and confusion out of the process.

energy prices are out of control. climate change is happening now

For too long, the power has been out of your hands, with companies completely reliant on Grid based energy supply, facing the ongoing challenge of price uncertainty. Not only this companies have been unable to control and reduce their carbon footprint, because they haven’t had the understanding or the capital to invest in such technologies.

Not anymore. We help businesses mitigate ongoing risk, by assessing their requirements, offering easy to follow advice and providing fully funded sustainable technologies. With no capital expenditure, our renewables provide immediate and long term cost savings and enormous carbon reductions.

committing to change and becoming part of the solution

Saving money and going green don’t need to be at odds. Protecting your financial future and ensuring you are appropriately reducing your carbon footprint can be achieved in collaboration. 

considering the bigger picture

We understand that for the majority of businesses, energy costs are the immediate concern. We can help with that, but assessing your business and providing a future proof carbon reducing solution should also be a key deciding factor in your journey.

ensuring accessibility

Climate change is a universal problem and sustainable technologies are accessible, yet it often feels exclusionary and confusing thanks to acronyms and jargon. We provide and explain our information clearly and concisely making progress with renewable technology accessible for every business.

ensuring action occurs
Due to the nature of on-going markets and detrimental effects of climate change. It’s our duty to ensure that businesses can do their part for not only their pocket, but in the best interests of our planet and long-term future.
and responsibilities

why does your business need a decarbonisation partner?

consider the challenges proposed by your energy and how you can benefit from a sustainable solution

achieving net zero by 2050

Net zero means reducing greenhouse gas emissions across your business, balancing the emissions produced and removed from the earth’s atmosphere.

Reducing emissions comes by changing our behaviour towards processes, adopting new technologies and always thinking about the environmental impact.

As outlined by the government in 2019, by 2050 this will be a requirement for business, not an option.

achieving net zero by 2050

getting ahead of legislation

getting ahead of legislation

As we move towards our target of net-zero, there is no doubt that direct costs and imposing legislation will be introduced for businesses that continue to produce large amounts of CO2. These businesses are likely to be affected quickly and heavily.

A sustainable change is critical for large industrial premises, manufacturers, food processing plants and certain public sector facilities. We need to understand the cost of carbon and the fact that these industries need to action change, a great first step on this journey, is on-site renewable generation such as solar.

leading the drive for low carbon operation

Before people invest in a company, work for it, or purchase its products, they are increasingly considering its position on environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

We all have our part to play, not just as a moral responsibility, but as a serious consideration for our company’s longevity. The best people will want to work for sustainably focused businesses. To attract the brightest future workforce employers will need to demonstrate that they care about our environment.

leading the drive for low carbon operation

understanding the carbon footprint in your supply chain

understanding the carbon footprint in your supply chain

Knowing what your carbon footprint looks like now, and to what extent the supply chain makes up that footprint, is crucial when defining your decarbonisation road map. 

Your business can drive positive change by adapting what raw materials you use, which suppliers you rely on, and when and where manufacturing can take place. Collaboration across the supply chain is vital for us to meet our goals.

It’s also crucial to remember that these demands will affect your business no matter where you sit in your supply chain.

maximise financial savings and mitigate risk

The sooner a business chooses to adopt renewable on-site generation, the sooner they can reap the benefits. Financial savings from a sustainable technology are instantly visible and long term savings can be maximised. Uncapped business grid energy rates will continue to rise, whereas current sustainable PPA rates are usually more than 50% less and securable for the future.

Choosing to adopt now also mitigates risk for the longest period possible, safeguarding your business from price uncertainty with a reliable green energy supply. This allows you to avoid the associated worry and accurately plan financially and maximise profitability.

maximise financial savings and mitigate risk

your partner on the journey to carbon neutrality

We are here as your long-term strategic partner in energy decarbonisation. Although the magnitude of change required at the outset may seem staggering, don’t worry. Our job is to make the daunting manageable and your goals achievable.

What could otherwise involve the sourcing and coordination of a myriad of consultants and energy providers can be undertaken entirely by Green Shield Group, providing continuity benefits to the process and ensuring that experts manage you through an efficient and smooth transition, despite the complexities.

ready to protect your energy with green shield group?

It’s our job to understand your needs and make sure sustainable energy works for your business.

Our fully-funded solar, wind, and battery solutions give you a clear strategy and practical plan towards a cost-saving, net-zero future.

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