bishop rawstorne academy – leyland (bauder mounting)

Working in partnership with Eric Wright group, we installed a 100 kWp system at the Leyland school utilising a specialised Bauder mounting system.

Bishop Rawstorne Academy like most education establishments were looking for a way to improve their energy costs through sensible and sustainable means. Partnering alongside Eric Wright Group, we designed and installed solar PV on two of the school buildings.

This installation also required the use of a specialised Bauder mounting system, designed to allow solar to be fitted to a flat roof in which it must be secured without any penetration of the waterproofing or roof itself. The installed system now provides over 30% of the energy they previously purchased from the grid, in the process also reducing their annual carbon footprint by over 46 tons!

installation summary

system size:

100 kWp

annual carbon

46,819 kg

annual energy

99,719 kWh
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