dunham forest golf & country club – cheshire

We installed a discreet 59kWp system over two locations at this prestigious golf venue, ensuring the installation didn't impact the visual front of the building.

Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club were looking to become more sustainable whilst protecting their club against fluctuating energy costs. Having recently installed a new Health and Fitness centre, costs had already risen for the club. This is where Green Shield Group were able to assist with a fully funded Solar PV system.

The installation is carefully positioned across the main clubhouse and on the roof of the health and fitness centre, ensuring front-of-house visual appeal is retained. The installed system uses the latest SolarEdge technology, maximising generation and safety. This system now comfortably produces around 30% of the Club’s annual energy requirement whilst reducing its annual carbon footprint by over 13 tons!

installation summary

system size:

59.25 kWp

annual carbon

13,695 kg

annual energy

50,974 kWh
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