The Westminster Hotel by Hilton – London

Maximising available roof space, we've installed a 75.03 kWp system for The Westminster Hotel. The system will generate over 66,000 kWh of energy annually with a return on investment of fewer than three years!

Given the huge energy demand of the prestigious Hilton hotel, we also advised on the installation of two voltage optimisers, both of which resulted in an annual energy demand reduction of circa 8%, with an incredibly low return on investment of just over seven months!

The combination of installed technologies will save the hotel over £175,000 in its first year, increasing exponentially once the payback period is reached in less than three years.

Luca Camilleri, Sustainability Consultant of Green Shield Group, said: “Working with assisting the team at Westmont UK has allowed me to get my teeth into the hotel industry and establish how much quick value harnessing renewables can truly provide. The combined technologies at The Westminster Hotel are a prime example of this in action.”

installation summary

system size:

75.03 kWp

annual carbon

15,420 kg

annual energy

66,180 kWh
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