combining renewable technologies for a greater impact

Renewable technologies are an essential part of our global future. However, we'd be wrong to suggest a single solution is a silver bullet for every business.

Renewable technologies are an essential part of our global future. However, we’d be wrong to suggest a single solution is a silver bullet for every business. Often we find that a carefully selected range of renewable technologies can help our clients save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Every client we see has a distinct and different energy usage profile. For our customers, we aim to find the most cost-effective way to reach their financial or environmental goals based on their operating habits.

For heavy users, a combination of Voltage Optimisation and Solar can immediately provide around a 30% reduction in their direct energy usage. We would consider this a phase one solution for this type of business to deliver the best return in the shortest period. After this, we look at supplementary technologies to improve efficiencies and consider storage and expansion options maximising self-sufficiency even further.

On the other hand, you could consider an educational establishment or community centre. These often have a very defined usage profile that is lower at peak solar generation (summer months). These spaces might also have vast roof spaces available for solar – 99% of the time, we don’t recommend filling this as it simply generates excess waste. Instead, we advise installing a system optimised for their usage. 

After this, we would then be able to offer advice for paired solutions. For example, it is becoming more prevalent for organisations to switch to electrical heating, replacing its gas counterpart. This change increases the electrical energy demand and eliminates the entire gas demand. If executed effectively, the solar installation size can be increased to match this demand, resulting in better savings and overall efficiency. 

Creative changes such as this are hugely beneficial for those businesses that can see the end goal of net zero, accepting the monetary benefits as an excellent bonus. We often find the most committed to net zero are the ones who also save the most money.

Other examples could be smaller locations that operate over 24-hour or evening periods – they benefit from installing a small solar system paired with a battery instead of just the largest solar system possible. These locations could also be viable for a heat pump installation. 

It’s advisable that when considering your options, you discuss with a consultant whose agenda isn’t just to sell but to actively invest in your journey and guide you to the optimal solution at each phase of adoption. 

Another category of clients emerging into the market is those hedging on future technologies such as hydrogen generation and storage. Green Hydrogen energy production requires renewable electricity to function. For organisations preparing for future adoption, we can specify installations providing that additional energy ahead of time. We also only install solar systems with guaranteed forward compatibility, meaning that upgrades are perfectly viable when technology inevitably continues to improve.

Finally, it’s worth considering complementary technologies. For example, with the ever-increasing adoption of electric motoring, renewable generation lives hand in hand with electric vehicle charging

The use of smart technologies in our buildings and homes is also evolving alongside renewable technologies. Energy monitoring and management are becoming more of a priority for clients. Individual machine monitoring and data analysis systems are available, operating as central hubs giving a clear view of consumption and better management. 

We want our clients to understand that we offer support with all of the above options, and we’re keen to ensure that the solutions we deliver are the correct ones for your operation.

 If you’re looking for advice on how to work smarter with your energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint, we’re on hand to analyse your operation and put you on the right path.

Our advice is free and based on our intention to partner with your organisation on a longer-term journey. The energy landscape is ever-changing and often unpredictable; we provide your business with a partner who keeps you on the front foot, ensuring you are at the forefront of renewable technologies and making the best decisions for the future.


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