How sustainable solutions can help businesses against the energy crisis

With the world in the grasp of a global energy crisis, expert advice shows that renewables provide a meaningful solution.

The issues we are all facing

Spiralling UK energy prices and the collapse of several power suppliers recently has illustrated the danger of over-reliance on large corporations for our energy needs.

The fact UK energy prices were caught up in geopolitical wrangles between Russia and Europe only demonstrates the urgent need for energy self-sufficiency for our businesses. In addition, news that our energy bills are projected to soar 30% next year further illuminates the risks of a volatile energy market.

The situation is also severely affecting our economic and net zero emissions targets. High gas prices mean high energy use industries such as steel, chemical and fertiliser may have to suspend production or switch to dirty fuel to continue operation.

It is increasingly clear the UK will struggle to balance its recent COP26 net zero commitments with rising demand on overburdened energy grids.

Taking back control

With the rise of energy volatility and the increased access to efficient renewable power sources, such as roof top solar and battery storage, there’s never been a better time to rethink your energy supply.

With the price of solar power dropping and its performance improving due to recent advancements, solar self-generation offers an ideal way for businesses to not only achieve their de-carbonisation targets but also protect themselves against market volatility and rising global energy costs.

Self-generation allows us to collectively create more dispersed, resilient energy grids without a single point of failure, and would safeguard businesses against future fluctuations in energy prices. This can only be achieved if we stop outsourcing all of our energy needs to centralised suppliers.

The power of modern renewable technology

Less than a decade ago, solar panels were considered a niche and experimental technology. Ten years on, solar has become the fastest growing energy source worldwide.

Technology, politics and finance have aligned to move the technology into the mainstream; solar is now a mass-produced product, fast-tracking development and increasing viability.

A typical commercial solar panel system will provide electricity for more than 25 years, producing financial savings of up to 40% per annum at current energy prices.

A solar installation for your organisation also provides energy security, reducing reliance on grid supply. With the correct battery installation, organisations become completely self-sufficient and operate independently from the grid.

Accessing a solution for your business

Many people believe renewable energy installations are unaffordable. Put simply, this is a misconception. Whether accessed by outright purchase or corporate PPA, renewable installations are becoming more affordable for every organisation. Depending on system installation size, Green Shield Group is able to offer a fully funded solar, wind and battery installation, with zero upfront costs to a business.

Furthermore, these systems are fully monitored and maintained to allow business to see their own generation and therefore see exactly the savings impact their self-generation is having.


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