understanding your purchasing options for on site generation

We provide solar, battery and wind solutions via either a fully funded Power Purchase Agreement or an outright purchase option.

Both options have their own benefits the choice usually comes down to what is best for your business operation. Equally making a choice to switch to sustainable self generation will always provide a significant impact on energy costs and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

choosing between a power purchase agreement or a buy outright system


immediate cost savings

renewable green energy

25 year warranty

no upfront investment

fully maintained at no cost

transferable to new premises

fast return on investment

immediate system ownership

access government grants

power purchase agreement


choosing a power purchase agreement

Power purchase agreements make the switch to sustainable energy attainable for customers who may not want to spend/have the cash reserves required for the upfront investment. However, unlike an outright purchase, for the term of the agreement you don’t own the equipment, we keep the ownership during the term and thus take full responsibility for installation and maintenance. 

choosing to buy outright

Simply put the costs of solar PV installations in particular has drastically reduced due to advancements in technology. We understand that for many businesses, it may be hard to resist a short payback period and ‘free’ energy generation for usually at least another 20 years, even if that means a large upfront investment cost. If you operate within a cash rich organisation, purchasing may be the better option.

making the decision

We understand that without knowing exact costs and savings it can be hard to know which option is right for your business. Our team are happy to provide both PPA proposal and outright purchase estimates to ensure you fully understand every element of your sustainable investment.

let us guide your sustainability investment

Our first priority is to always understand your business operation and investigate what we would suggest is the best solution for your specific circumstance. Simply filling your roof space with solar PV, might not be the most optimal way to engage with sustainable technology.

Our consultants will carry out a detailed analysis on your energy consumption, site suitability and profitability data to ensure that the proposal presented is tailored for your business, and that every element of our proposal is representative of a true achievable value.

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It’s our job to understand your needs and make sure sustainable energy works for your business.

Our fully-funded solar, wind, and battery solutions give you a clear strategy and practical plan towards a cost-saving, net-zero future.

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