installing a solar carport – driving renewable generation forward

With the rise in uptake of electric vehicles and charging stations, has your organisation thought about the benefits of installing a solar carport?

The UK isn’t presently embracing the benefits of solar carports, but we are starting to see a shift occur. Recently we have seen a substantial rise in the direct requests for carport design and installation.

But why is this the case?

In the UK, a considerable amount of space is reserved for parking. It’s a fact we can’t get away from. However, the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about this new renewable consideration for many. 

The shift has occurred because EVs need charging when parked. Often, this electricity for charging is delivered directly from the grid. However, many EV adopters chose a greener vehicle due to its lower environmental impact. If an EV is charged using grid-supplied electricity generated from fossil fuels, it begins to nullify these considerations. Installing a Solar PV Carport negates this by providing electricity directly from the renewable installation to the charging stations. 

We’ve gradually seen an increase in requests for mass adoption of this approach. We now have clients installing carports over shopping centre car parks, in hotel locations and even single installations in smaller business spaces.

Carports also work as a solution for businesses aiming to adopt Solar PV, despite a lack of available/usable roof space. Small installations mounted as carports can directly feed electricity into a business, providing that much-needed boost in cost savings and carbon reduction generated by solar. 

With Solar Carports, you can power EV charging stations, run a business, or even power a shopping centre using solar-generated energy. Some clients are even choosing to combine generation from carports with a roof-mounted installation, in turn providing even more self-generation energy.

Is a Solar PV Carport something you have considered for your business? Is it something you’d like in the future? Would you like to know the true value of your car parking space?

Our team can help with a design and installation proposal tailored to your requirements. Contact our team at info@thegsg.co.uk or call 01254 786 071 for more information.


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