introducing our solar savings calculator

With the on-going uncertainty and government interventions, we decided the easiest way to demonstrate the savings solar can provide for your business, is to let you see the figures yourself without even speaking to us.


Our solar savings calculator allows you to quickly see the monetary benefits of a solar installation to your business based on your current costs and usage. Outputting not only estimated savings, but also the system size and space required.

All you need to utilise our calculator effectively is a single months energy bill. Simply input your daytime usage in kWh and the unit cost you are currently paying to see your estimated savings. If you are currently in a contract, these savings will be significantly lower than they will be once your current contract expires with energy prices not looking to be dropping anytime soon.

Try our calculator today to truly understand how much of an impact a solar installation could have on your business. On top of this we make accessing these savings really simple and can manage the whole process for you.

If you’d like to know more about buying a considered and tailored solar PV system for your business, leave us a message here where one of our sustainability consultants will be in touch.


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