Feasibility Study and Desktop Analysis

When you first engage with Green Shield Group, we will prepare an initial feasibility study and desktop analysis of your location/s. This will be presented as a proposal document with an initial renewable tech specification or solar PV design alongside an estimated financial and carbon savings analysis.

To achieve this, we will ask you to confirm a small subset of easily accessible data to allow us to present the most accurate analysis possible; for more information on this data and why we need it, please see the how we specify your technology fact sheet.

Feasibility Study

After your initial discussions with your sustainability manager, our technical team will look at your location, energy data and current billing. When analysing your energy usage patterns in combination with your physical property, our team can propose the correct renewable technology to suit your exact needs.

When considering this part of your journey, we would always account for your direct objectives and treat each renewable investment as if it were our own. Therefore, we will never over-specify technologies and will always justify the technology and solution we present in our final proposal. When clients make requests that fall outside our standard working processes, we will advise and guide them where possible, but ultimately, we can provide technology
to meet any demand.

At this stage of your journey, if not immediately apparent, we may ask for more details about the composition of your premises and its roof condition to allow us to get our initial proposal pricing as close to reality as possible without an engineer needing to visit your site. We combine this information and global mapping from Google Maps and Google Earth. In instances in which we are proposing technology for a location that is yet to be built, we can place your building plans in the exact location in the real world
and produce an analysis based on this.

Desktop Analysis

Once your requirements and location have been deemed suitable for renewable technology, your journey is passed to our design team, who will meticulously specify a system design.

Our team uses the latest versions of industry-leading solar PV design software and bespoke analysis tools to create an accurate calculation. To achieve this, a scale model of your premises is drawn within the software, its energy consumption is mapped to an annual profile, and roof suitability is decided. Many premises will go through multiple design iterations before clients see the final solar PV design; our designers work to get the maximum generation possible from your location with the least expenditure required from each client.

In the current export climate, it is infrequent that we see instances in which we suggest that a client ‘over-sizes’ a system as the return on investment currently from export is not a sensible recommendation. All of our systems, unless directly requested, work to a high self-consumption threshold based on 12 months of historical usage data. This means that any solar PV we specify will generate primarily energy that you can use directly on-site as it is produced, resulting in the least waste and the best return on your investment.

Last Updated: 07/05/2024

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