How We Specify Your Technology

When you first discuss your objectives with your sustainability manager, they will leave you with a small amount of work; clients will ask, why do I need to provide this, and what difference will it make?

During your initial discussion, our sustainability managers will take note and naturally gain a variety of answers in conversation about your solution; however, to achieve maximum accuracy and, in turn, deliver complete transparency, we ask for a few small pieces of data.

Google Maps Screen-shot / Aerial Location Suitability Image

This may seem obvious initially, but when you consider, many of our clients have multiple locations or manufacturing locations different from their primary address. This allows us to ensure that any system or technology is designed for the correct location.

It also allows clients to make specific requests based on MPAN locations, roof conditions, or aesthetic demands. Our sustainability managers will happily assist during this process and mark up any required screen-shots before any design or analysis occurs.

Half Hourly Data or HHD

The first and often most valuable piece of data is your Half Hourly Data (HHD); this information can usually be obtained from your current energy supplier via a phone call or email; this data will be in a spreadsheet format, and the data itself presents all of your data consumption over a specific time, narrowed down to half an hour segments, typically we would need 12 months of this data.

We can use this data to map the peaks and troughs of your usage and look at monthly and seasonal demand; this allows us to determine which technology will be most effective for your organisation.

In the rare instances in which HHD is incomplete or unavailable, we can work from partial data and extrapolate into an estimated 12 months. Where HHD is unavailable, we can provide analysis based on 12 months of energy bills, although the accuracy of this mapping is less than that of when utilising a true HHD.

Energy Bills & Contract Duration

During these initial discussions, your current energy pricing will inevitably be disclosed; however, we need at least one copy of an energy bill to provide an accurate cost-saving analysis. Obtaining this bill allows us to calculate your actual ‘per/kWh’ energy price and how our proposed renewable technology will impact your costs.

Furthermore, knowing your current contract duration allows us to calculate savings utilising your exact pricing for as long as your current contract runs. For those without a contract or when leaving a contract period, we utilise a bespoke out-of-contract prediction model based on the latest Gov UK information and combined with up-to-date prediction modelling by leading analysis the Cornwall Insight.

Last Updated: 07/05/2024

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