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on-site generation

Widespread adoption of sustainable generation technology is critical to the survival of UK business operation.

We’re here to help you understand the technology, how it works and what benefits it can offer your organisation.

Whatever your reason for going green, we can offer a technology and solution to help you achieve your goals.

solar photovoltaic

The UK’s most popular type of sustainable energy, solar power is the choice of thousands of leading businesses. In the face of ongoing energy uncertainty, solar presents an opportunity to take control by generating your own green energy.

wind turbines

Producing zero carbon emissions, wind energy is a powerful option in the journey to net zero and is proven to be an incredibly efficient choice for businesses.

battery energy storage

Working hand-in-hand with solar and wind energy, battery storage solutions are often installed as part of an integrated system. This allows you to capitalise on energy savings and unlock other financial and environmental benefits.

hydrogen energy

Green hydrogen is made using electrolysers powered entirely by renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar and hydro.

The easiest way a business can start to prepare for a green hydrogen revolution is to adopt renewable generation technology.

all of our sustainable on-site generation technologies can be fully funded by us

Utilising solar for self generation allows you to not only save money from day one, but to mitigate the risks associated with price volatility. Solar PV provided by us will always come with a minimum efficiency guarantee, allowing you to accurately calculate your savings.

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