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Our savings calculator can give you a quick estimate on the savings you could make, the size of system that would be required and the physical footprint required to accommodate it.

Simply update the fields with your monthly usage and current energy tariff rate and our calculator will do the rest!

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* estimates shown are based on 100% solar self-consumption, all estimates are subject to site visit.

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Let’s talk about how we can make the demonstrated savings a reality for your business.

Reduce your energy costs today and become greener in the process by significantly lowering your carbon emissions…

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choosing to take back control of your energy and emissions

understanding the process and the solutions we can provide

lowering energy
bills with no
upfront costs

Delivered via a fully funded Power Purchase Agreement, your installation has no upfront costs and once completed, has an instant impact on your carbon footprint and energy spend.

ensure your business is making sustainably responsible choices

We all have a part to play in reaching global net-zero targets. You want to be seen as an industry leader, rather than feeling left behind as competitors, supply chain partners, and suppliers experience the benefits of renewables.

take steps to future proof your business and its energy

When you choose renewable energy, you stay ahead of the curve with laws and legislation, future proofing your organisation and protecting your assets. Our technology gives you the power to take control of your supply by generating your own clean energy.

what you can expect from our sustainability consultants

understanding the process and the solutions we can provide

your business and it's usage

The first stage of our process is to simply understand your business operation, its energy usage and its long term objectives.

your location

If your operation is suitable for a proposal from our team; The next step is to consider your location, its usability and restrictions as well as operating hours and usable space. Our consultants will also ask about your roof/space, mainly its construction and condition.

sustainable technologies

Once your operation and space are understood, our consultants will be able to propose a variety of renewable technologies and sustainability services based on your objectives.

solution details

Our consultants will spend some time explaining the value of our power purchase agreements that allow you to obtain sustainable technology with no upfront costs, we’re also quite happy for our clients to buy any solution outright.

documentation requests

Upon leaving your site our consultants will make a few simple requests for documentation based on the solution discussed, this will usually consist of energy bills and Half Hourly Data (HHD) this allows our team to produce accurate savings and emissions figures based on your operation.

proposal and second visit

Once a solution has been established our consultants will be happy to revisit your site and guide you step by step through our proposal. Explaining any data, savings analysis and costs applicable, touching on the steps required to progress your chosen renewable technology.

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