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With an ongoing global responsibility to choose green EV vehicles, you can support this transition with EV charging.

Sustainable self generation and electric vehicles are a perfect partnership. Chargers can work in tandem with your generation source to harness excess generation you may previously have exported to the grid.

The number of electric cars on the roads is increasing year on year, with the majority of UK vehicles expected to be electric by 2030.

As costs of fuel at the pumps and the cost of living increases, businesses and consumers are looking to find ways to save money. With the cost to refuel the average petrol car at around £100 and circa only £18 to fully charge an EV, the cost of ownership gap between internal combustion engine and electric vehicles has grown wider, making EV’s a far more attractive option for those looking to save on running costs.

The UK’s charging infrastructure progress has been steady, with the UK now equipped with over 32,000 charge points. This is on par with the requirements to meet the Government’s target of 300,000 charge points by 2030. However to achieve this target, a mix of chargers is required in order to meet the needs of all electric vehicle drivers. This is compounded in the workplace, if employees have access to electric vehicle charging at work, it eliminates many of the concerns associated with EV ownership. 

the benefits of ev charging to a business

join the ev revolution and make a difference on your fleets emissions
your business and employees
Government figures show that transport accounted for 34% of UK CO2 emissions, with cars representing the majority. If the UK is to reach its net zero target by 2050, a large cross-industry effort is required to encourage wide-spread EV adoption. It’s important to be mindful of the intense scrutiny on how businesses are contributing to such efforts.
With the introduction of low emission zones, and an upcoming ban on new diesel and petrol cars and vans, the pressure on businesses to upgrade their fleet is increasing. And with the EV market growing, widespread adoption and the expectation for charging provisions in workplaces as standard is not too far off. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by getting ahead.

If your brand or CSR policies are focused around sustainability and green business initiatives, the absence of EV infrastructure will likely undermine such efforts, resulting in a lack of brand trust.

Having an EV infrastructure in place demonstrates a proactive approach to innovation and a modern culture – and may tip the balance in attracting top employees as well as retaining your workforce. And if you’re able to electrify your fleet, the government has now introduced tax cuts for employees using corporate EVs for personal use – a great perk for new and existing employees.

your customers and potential
A large percentage of physical shoppers will bring their car with them. Many EV drivers will likely want to have the option to charge while they shop. Therefore, offering charge points may mean you are chosen above competing businesses. And with many businesses struggling to compete with online offerings, it’s becoming more and more important to provide a superior shopping experience.
Smart EV charging can allow drivers to connect with a business if they stop by to charge, meaning businesses can gain further customer insights and even communicate deals and offers – increasing the likelihood of return visits. EV drivers rely on apps such as Zap-Map to locate charge points and if you wish, your business can be referenced publicly. With time on their hands, EV drivers dropping by to charge are likely to explore your business offering.

integration with sustainable generation technologies

We are one of the few UK energy solution providers that can provide a full turn key integrated EV charging & sustainable generation solution. Integrating EV chargers with a solar installation is an accessible way to not only access drastic savings on your energy bills, but to also obtain EV charging as part of a PPA agreement with no capital expenditure.

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