choosing solar carports
utilise space, generate electricity and create revenue

Our specialised carports are designed to maximise the generation per m2 available, with unique water harvesting and minimal ground impact.

Solar carports offer organisations with limited roof space an opportunity to harness green energy without limitation. When combined with appropriately specified EV chargers, the carport solution can become a green revenue-generating opportunity.

The specialised design we can now provide as an official installer and distribution partner represents the most efficient carport solution on the market, with vast adoption present in Europe; in the UK, we are first to market in offering this proven solution.

The UK is behind the curve regarding environmental improvement methods, and solar carports represent a vast missed green opportunity.

Our scalable carports, in a slimline, all-steel, all-black design, can span up to 12m. They are installed with minimal footing and groundwork to provide an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solution. The carport utilises bi-facial double glass solar panels to create a watertight roof, with no requirement for a sub-roof. This allows light to pass through while remaining durable enough to withstand any weather the UK can throw at it.

We can combine these carports with a built-in rainwater harvesting system, which is perfect for the UK weather. Unfortunately, the UK is behind the curve with this initiative. Harvesting water from the rain makes good ecological and economic sense. As businesses look for more ways to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting systems are set to increase in demand.

why carports are an eye opening option

perfect for organisations with limited roof space and an added bonus of potential revenue generation
combining carports with ev charging

When appropriately scaled, the carport’s energy can not only replace your direct grid-demanded energy but also be used as a source of revenue; over-generation can be monetised by installing scale-matched EV charging. In the correct location, this EV charger can add significant benefits, whether as employee benefits or as a chargeable asset in a high-traffic area.

combining carports with rainwater harvesting

A commercial rainwater harvesting system will collect the rainwater that has fallen on the carport’s roof, filter it and pump it to your toilets, urinals, vehicle wash facility, etc. So you can conserve the mains water for better use. Rainwater harvesting is an extremely positive environmental and valuable initiative we’re seeing in action all over Europe. For businesses who utilise water in main elements of their processing this can create a huge added value to our solar installations!

integration with sustainable generation technologies

We are one of the few UK energy solution providers that can provide a full turn key integrated EV charging and self generation carport solution. Integrating EV charging with self generation is a smart way to generate on-site earnings, and harvest any over-generation your solar generation provides. Not only can you reduce your annual energy consumption, but monetise the waste as earnings or staff benefits.

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