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Voltage optimisation reduces the voltage supply to your equipment, reducing costs and prolonging equipment.

Electrical appliances are designed to operate at 230v and are optimally efficient at 220v. Any supply voltage above this causes wasted consumption (kWh). The UK average supply is 242v, meaning you could be seriously over-volting your equipment.

UK electrical machinery and appliances are designed to optimally at 220v, so why are we running them at 240v?

Here in the UK we commonly refer to the grid supply voltage as being 240V. The UK’s average voltage is 242V but for many customers, it is often far higher. Sadly, the move away from traditional large-scale centralised power generation, to a decentralised renewable approach utilising wind, solar and other self generation technologies has led to an increased in grid supply voltage. It is now common for many customers to experience supply voltages in the high 240’s or even low 250’s voltage range.

To compound matters further, to meet EU standards of conformity, all electrical equipment intended for use within the EU, must be designed to operate most efficiently at 230V, (the European harmonised voltage). So, unless you have already implemented measures to reduce this unnecessarily high grid supply voltage, you will certainly be unwittingly over-volting your electrical equipment.

why voltage optimisation and why now?

prolong the life of your assets whilst reducing costs and emissions
protecting your spending

By over-volting your equipment, you are paying for energy you don’t need. This can mount up when your business is one that needs has electrical devices running all day and in many cases, all night as well.

Not only does the power oversupply to equipment mean you are paying for more electricity, but it shortens the life of your appliances. By reducing voltage supply to your equipment with a voltage optimiser, it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong the life of your company’s assets.

increasing the life of equipment

By reducing incoming voltage the lifespan of all electrical equipment and appliances is improved by up to 46% (BS7671).

Reducing the negative impact of the associated heat also dramatically reduces maintenance costs and improves the lifespan of all electrical equipment and appliances.

integration with sustainable generation technologies

We are one of the few UK energy solution providers that can provide a full turn key integrated VO and self generation solution. Integrating VO with self generation is a competitive way to improve your on site savings further, your solar generation provides the large overall savings, however using VO you can reduce overall consumption by a further 10% per annum.

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