the value of a SolarEdge installation to you – focus on performance

Choosing a SolarEdge installation has a plethora of benefits, from additional safety, through to additional generation capabilities. Let's look at a few reasons why SolarEdge may be a better choice for your business.

Turn more of the sun’s rays into energy

There is only one reason to install a PV system: to generate clean, free energy. So, doesn’t it make sense for you to generate the most energy possible? SolarEdge products enable you to generate the most energy possible from your solar installation.

There are a few reasons for this. While all solar panels may be in direct sunlight, the sun may not be hitting each one at the same angle at all hours of the day. With a string inverter system, you are always limited by the lowest-performing module at any one time. However, with a SolarEdge system, the Power Optimizer attached to each module will track each panel and adjust voltage accordingly. Each panel will then be able to deliver the maximum energy possible.

Another module tracking benefit derived from the Power Optimizer is the mitigation of module mismatch. For example, perhaps one particular module has retained streaks and dirt from the poor weather. Or maybe the modules come from different manufacturers? No problem. Each module can function at its individual maximum performance, leading to a higher overall yield. So every day, hour after hour, installations using SolarEdge solutions produce more energy.

With SolarEdge, you are also not limited by the length of your strings. You can design them as you want to maximise the available roof space if needed as well as allow a mix-and-match approach to orientation.


Oversizing – adding panels beyond the inverter rating with SolarEdge products

Let’s say your installation has a 50kW inverter, thinking this will be the right amount of production for this installation based on the amount of electricity used, you then also install 50kW of solar modules. However, in reality – this system will only be able to achieve the highest production rate during a short window at the sun’s peak in the middle of the day. During the rest of the day, the inverter does not produce at its maximum output because less sun hits those modules and so less energy goes to the inverter.

SolarEdge inverters can be oversized up to 200%. Allowing you to add more panels to the roof allowing your inverter to reach its maximum capacity even when the sun is lower in the sky, enabling your customers to generate more energy all year round.


Improved O&M and forward compatibility

SolarEdge provides free real-time remote monitoring at the module, string, and system levels, for 25 years. Comprehensive analytics and tracking automatically Pinpoints and pushes alerts for immediate fault detection, accurate maintenance, and rapid response.  

As part of planning a Solar installation, it is important to account for future costs that can impact the return on investment of a PV system. The SolarEdge solution effectively minimises these potential costs. SolarEdge is designed with both forward compatibility and replacement in the mind. Eliminating any inventory spare panels, and actively allowing panels of different power classes and brands in the same string. By this same token, if a system is expanded new power optimizers can be utilised in the same string with older models. 



  • SolarEdge maximises performance per panel
  • Power Optimizers manage individual panels, not strings
  • SolarEdge inverters can be oversized to maximise the usable generation from the same amount of panels
  • SolarEdge systems can mix -and-match panel output and manufacturer
  • SolarEdge improves and speeds up O&M processes
  • SolarEdge is openly forward compatible

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