the value of a SolarEdge installation to you – focus on safety

Choosing a SolarEdge installation has a plethora of benefits, from additional safety, through to additional generation capabilities. Let's look at a few reasons why SolarEdge may be a better choice for your business.

Solar Energy Safety Precautions

The choice you make when adding a solar energy system is to add it to a valuable asset: the premises where your employees work. The system you install must be one designed to protect people and property, with strict safety measures built-in, without the need for 3rd party devices. 



SolarEdge utilises Power Optimizers that attach to each module and maximise each module’s power output, turning them into smart modules. As part of this solution, SolarEdge inverters have a built-in smart safety feature called SafeDC which automatically reduces the voltage in each module to 1 volt when the inverter shuts down. This means that during installation, maintenance, emergencies, or anytime the inverter is disconnected from the grid, the DC voltage decreases to a touch-safe level to protect people and property. 


Arc Detection and Interruption

Arcing in PV systems can happen when connectors or cables are corroded or improperly connected, creating an electrical spark that generates heat and result in a potential fire hazard. This can also occur as PV systems age, cables degrade, or even when animals chew the cables. Advanced safety regulations now require arc detection implementation to mitigate the effects potentially posed by arc faults. In Europe, international standard IEC 63027 is still in development, however, insurance companies may request it when insuring a building with a PV system. SolarEdge includes built-in arc fault detection, identifying arcing and subsequently shutting down the inverter. This helps to increase safety, as well as protect equipment and prevent structural damage.


Remote Module-level Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Safety meets convenience with module-level monitoring and remote troubleshooting. SolarEdge’s Monitoring Platform gives installers full module-level visibility into the system’s performance, including automatic alerts, remote troubleshooting, and comprehensive reporting. This eliminates much of the on-site diagnostic work for installers which can typically take place at dangerous heights.

This level of monitoring is in place for the lifetime of the system, with automatic notifications sent to installers/operators of performance loss or safety risks in real-time.


Proactive Engagement

Because of the vast amount of inbuilt safety and monitoring features, preventative maintenance or intervention can be performed well in advance of any significant event using remote diagnostics, often, if not always avoiding any potential downtime or issues with the system.



  • Rapid Shutdown
  • Arc Fault Detection and Prevention
  • Module-Level Monitoring
  • Voltage reduction to touch-safe levels during grid failures or when the inverter is shut down
  • Alerts automatically notify installers/operators of performance loss or safety risks, over the system lifetime



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